EHRA Appointment Letters

Guidelines for Using Appointment Letter Templates


In general, letters of appointment for EHRA employees (faculty and non-faculty) define the terms and conditions of their employment. While these letters of appointment are required by the UNC Policy Manual, they additionally may serve as a new employee’s first introduction to NC State.

Core & Variable Language

In accordance with the UNC Policy Manual, all appointment letters must contain certain provisions. These core items are included in the boilerplate language in the letter templates and must not be altered.

In addition to the required core language, hiring units may insert specific departmental / college employment responsibilities, expectations for faculty start-up packages, and other variables. Some variables, such as tenure or the reimbursement of moving expenses, are limited to specific to POL 05.15.03 – Non-Salary and Deferred Compensation.

Class and Comp Administration Review

These templates have been vetted for compliance with relevant UNC policy requirements. Letters under the headings of “Faculty Administrators” and “Senior Academic and Administrative Officer (SAAO)” require pre-approval by University HR, Faculty Affairs, and the Office of General Counsel.  Such letters must be emailed to prior to signatures to avoid any problems. If you wish to issue a faculty or EHRA non-faculty appointment letter with material changes from the template letter or non-standard language in the form fields, please contact Classification and Compensation at 919-515-4315 or by email:

Tools & Checklists for Appointment Letters

EHRA Appointment Letter Templates

Note: Appointment Letter Templates are in Microsoft Word format and certain sections of the letters are restricted to editing and password protected. Please include the Terms and Conditions with each letter.

Faculty Administrators — Submit to for pre-approval prior to signatures


EHRA Professional

Senior Academic and Administrative Officers (SAAO) — Submit to for pre-approval prior to signatures

CALS Extension Personnel

County Extension Directors and Agents (contact CALS Extension Personnel Office at 919-515-1382)