Non-Salary and Deferred Compensation

Non-salary compensation includes all compensation of monetary value other than (a) base salary; (b) salary supplements for additional temporary, acting, interim, or administrative responsibilities beyond base salary; (c) honor supplements that are part of formally-established programs at the departmental, college, university, or UNC level, such as stipends associated with named or endowed professorships; or (d) one-time award recognition programs established and administered at the college/division, university, or UNC level, such as the university’s annual Awards for Excellence and Service Recognition programs.  Any other awards of non-salary compensation at the departmental or unit level that require advance BOT approval.

Non-salary compensation also includes, but is not limited to, payment of a relocation allowance, provision of a motor vehicle or motor vehicle allowance, club memberships, or other special benefits provided for job-related reasons and business necessity.