Job Categories (JCATs)

Job Categories (JCATs) are 6-digit codes assigned to position and job records for identifying the occupation / function of those roles. The implementation of JCATs at NC State occurred in 2008. In 2013, the UNC-System Office adopted the administration of the JCAT taxonomy for the purpose of system-wide application. However, NC State continues to serve as the subject matter expert on the JCAT taxonomy within the University of North Carolina System.

The JCAT taxonomy groups positions and jobs into an occupational or functional area regardless of the position title, salary, etc. Due to the wide variety of position titles, JCATs allow for a narrower and more consistent analysis of occupational or functional roles across NC State and within the UNC System. In addition, JCATs serve as the anchoring mechanism to federal and national taxonomies (i.e. IPEDS, Standard Occupational Codes (SOC), US Census, CUPA-HR Salary Survey Codes, etc.) for the purpose of mandatory federal, state, university system and campus reporting. Finally, the utilization of JCATs support NC State’s salary administration, compensation business practices, and other business practices.

Below are links to the JCAT taxonomy, which serves as general guidance and insight into the JCAT taxonomy structure. NC State University Human Resources currently administers the JCAT structure and assignment for the university.