Updating Existing Positions and Requesting Salary Changes

Departmental changes, restructuring, or professional growth may create the need to update an existing position description and competencies. Depending on the changes, a position may need to be reclassified to a different career band or level. Salary changes may occur as part of the position update request. The steps below outline the process for updating existing positions.

What has changed? Reporting structures, primary job duties, job scope and level, and even required and preferred knowledge, skills, abilities, and qualifications may change over time as business needs evolve. Evaluate these changes and document them in an updated job description.

If the position has significantly increased or changed in duties, scope, or competencies required you should review the SHRA career bands and levels and evaluate if there is a better fit. Each career band has a competency profile that describes the general purpose of the career band, as well as the competencies required of each level within the career band. More information about commonly used career bands at NC State can be found on the Career Banding page.

If the position’s duties and competencies have signficantly changed it may be appropriate to request a salary adjustment (usually this is a salary increase). The most up-to-date information on current SHRA salary guidelines can be found on the Compensation page.

All salary adjustments, even those not related to changes in the duties and competencies of the position, should be submitted using the Update/Fill Position Description Function in People Admin 7.

Once you’ve evaluated the changes to the position, and considered an appropriate career band, you can initiate an action request in NC State’s Position Management Module in PeopleAdmin. Multiple resources are available to guide you through this process on the PeopleAdmin 7 System and Resources page.  When a job is changing or an organization has changed, an updated organizational chart and ADA checklist are required.

When submitting your action, be sure to clearly define what is changing in the “Basis for Request” field. In addition, be sure to update any job duties, qualifications, or competencies that are changing.

Your classification and compensation consultant will review the action, and will partner with you to determine the appropriate career-banded title, level, and salary adjustment. You will receive notification when your action is approved, which will include instructions for how to make necessary changes in PeopleSoft.

If you are updating a vacant position and need to recruit Talent Solutions will post your position and help you manage the recruitment and selection process. For more information and resources on the recruitment process, visit our Recruitment page.